At Markarian Investments, we are passionate about opening new doors for our employees. To help employees gain investment acumen and build a financial nest egg, we offer them the opportunity to invest in real estate—and then receive a share of the proceeds from the properties’ resale or rental. 

Through ME Companies, our employees often work on the very same real estate projects that they invest in, which gives them added motivation and gratification. The feeling of pride and accomplishment of building something with their hands—and then benefiting from their real estate investment—is unmatched.  

We extend this same opportunity to our clients, providing them with an accessible, affordable path to real estate investment. Client investors are critical to our projects’ successes, and we are proud to offer investing opportunities that deepen our relationships with clients and employees alike.

Here’s how it works


we buy


you invest


collect rent


you get paid

In our employees’ words

I love the company I work for. I began working for Markarian Electric six years ago, and three years ago, Eric helped me move my family into a one-bedroom apartment. Now that we’re growing out of the apartment, Eric and Jhon hired a realtor to help me find a larger residence in a very challenging and in-demand market. Not only did the realtor find us a beautiful apartment, but Jhon and Eric went above and beyond for us.

— Jontan Munetton, ME Companies employee